2013 BMW i3 – The Electric Motor Driving

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2013 bmw i3 concept

2013 BMW i3

Here is an article about the 2013 BMW I3 – the electric motor driving. 2013 BMW i3 plans to begin production in 2013. 2013 BMW i3 technology uses electric motors driving. In this i3 series will coincide with the BMW i8 which will also be produced in 2013.

2013 BMW i3 – The electric motor driving details

Representing the first vehicle to ride on BMW’s new LifeDrive architecture, the i3 is able to offer a generous cabin size despite its small footprint. BMW’s describes the i3’s interior – which seats four – as “lounge-like”, thanks to the use of natural fibers and naturally tanned leathers. The i3 features opposing coach doors and dual cargo compartments, ensuring the i3 is useful as an everyday driver.

BMW i3 power for the i3 is provided by an electric motor driving the rear axle. The i3 boasts 170 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque which, when combined with the i3’s superlight weight, results in a 0-60 run in under 8 seconds. BMW failed to detail the i3’s battery, but says the city car can “travel long distances on a single charge.”

Given the i3’s target market, innovative technology is a big part of its package, with the EV featuring a number of smartphone functions. Some of the i3’s technologies include the ability to find nearby charging stations, a smartphone app to precondition the vehicle at the touch of a button and even intelligence assistance systems to “ease the stress on drivers in monotonous city driving situations and allow them to arrive at their destination more safely and in a more relaxed state of mind.”

Look for the i3 Concept to make its first appearance at this September’s Frankfurt Motor Show before making production in 2013.

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2013 bmw i3 price2013 BMW i3 concept


2013 bmw i3 electric2013 BMW i3 models


2013 bmw i3 hybrid2013 BMW i3 design


2013 bmw i3 models2013 BMW i3 plan

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