2012 Volkswagen Golf R Review, Price, and Specs

May 11, 2012 By: autocar Category: car review, family car, Volkswagen car

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2012 volkswagen golf r

Here are 2012 Volkswagen Golft R review, price, and specs. We’ll share review about this Volkswagen Golf R, and share best price for this 2012. When it comes to handling, the 2012 Volkswagen Golf R achieves. An R-specific steering wheel isn’t too heavily weighted and points the car naturally. The shocks do an above-average job of controlling body motions. Bigger brake hardware (13.6-inch front rotors, 12.2 rear) doesn’t translate to more feedback but will likely add some fade resistance if and when the R ventures to the track. Apart from looking a lot like the GTI, the R rides 0.3 inch lower (at 57.5), is a hair-width shorter, and is adorned with “R” badges front and rear.On the road, the Golf R further banishes any talk of Japanese rally replicas by delivering that highly sought-after characteristic: German Ride Quality. It seems to lop off the tops of bumps and suck the tire tread down into the road, all while delivering an implacably buttoned-down ride — precisely the kind of smoothness rally racers can only dream about. We can’t read too much into these sensations, however, as we drove Euro-spec Golf Rs, which have lower ride heights and firmer suspension setups. We also can’t comment on the R’s most significant upgrade, 4Motion AWD, as the roads we took were moderately trafficked and not nearly as twisty as we needed. That analysis will have to come later. Final pricing is still being tossed around, but know that the R will cost more than the priciest GTI. A no-option Golf R should start at about $35,000, with a fully loaded model (navigation, keyless entry, upgraded stereo, and sunroof) peaking at $39,000. On American soil, the VW R32 with its VR6 engine and previous-generation Haldex all-wheel-drive setup became a bit of a legend, complete with breathless Internet bulletin boards all a-gush with how it kicked so much damned ass.

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