If you have not ridden a motorcycle before, you need to carefully survey the brands for features and comfort. You also want to make sure the bike is easy to ride. The bike should also be versatile. In other words, you should be able to ride it within Sydney as well as use it for longer trips.

Hopefully, you can find a bike that displays a linear torque curve – one that allows the rider a smooth and controlled ride. Make sure the bike comes with dual front brakes and a wheelbase that is compact. The bike does not have to be a total beginner bike, but it should feature the above qualities – qualities that make it a great choice for both beginning and more seasoned riders.

Have You Reviewed the FZ-07 by Yamaha Lately?

You cannot learn to ride or hone your cycling skills if you are not riding on a bike that is comfortable and beginner-friendly. If you can adapt this bike to your future riding needs, or when you gain more skills, you will love riding a bike, such as the FZ-07 by Yamaha. Another Yamaha that gets high marks for beginning cyclists is the SR400.

Make Riding More Exciting with a DOHC Designed Engine

Yamaha motorcycles in Sydney NSW, like the FZ-07, boast a six-speed transmission and a four-stroke engine that boasts a liquid-cooled DOHC. DOHC is short for dual overhead camshaft. In this configuration, one of the shafts controls the intake valves while the other shaft manages the exhaust. When a bike features a DOHC design, its revs are higher and it is much sportier – something that makes riding more fun.

What is great about the DOHC is that the engine spins faster, as it features dedicated cams for the intake and exhaust functions. However, with that being said, the double-overhead-cam styling can also be bulkier. Still, if you love motocross racing or want to get involved in the sport of motorcycle riding or racing, you will appreciate this type of dedicated engine.

Want a Vintage Model That Is New?

Most motorcycle experts recommend a brand, such a Yamaha, for any beginning motorcycle rider for its ease of operation. The aforementioned Yamaha SR400 makes this allowance with its five-speed transmission. This bike shows that the brand listens to motorcyclists’ needs, as this bike not only features a retro design, it even comes with a kickstart – a really fun beginner bike.

The electronically fuel-injected bike, unlike its predecessors, is simple to start. This bike is the solution for any beginning rider who wants a vintage-looking bike, but does not want to spend time scavenging for vintage parts or dealing with breakdowns.

Now, all you need to do is decide what bike works for you in terms of looks and operation. Review Yamaha first to make your choices simpler.