There are certain jobs where hiring a crane is essential, and when these jobs crop up, you’ll no doubt want to get the best price. While most crane companies will sound quite firm on the price, you can often get yourself a better deal, and here are some tips to help you to do so.

Think about how long you need the hire for

You can calculate how long the hire for based on:

  • How long you’ll have an operator on site
  • How long the most important tasks will take
  • Whether you can condense these jobs into a shorter period

The shorter your hire period, the more you can save. If you need a crane for the long term, consider negotiating a contract, which will make the cost per day cheaper.

Work with a reputable firm

It’s important to work with a reputable firm to get value for money, as equipment will turn up on time and be well-maintained, both of which are important for construction jobs. Look for crane hire Perth and find companies with good reviews, as well as working with recommended firms in your local area.

Find out about off-peak times

Like any industry, construction has quiet times, and this is when it’s often cheapest to hire equipment and easiest to find operators. The time can vary from place to place, so do your research and work out when it’s cheapest in your area. If you aren’t set on a certain timeline, then a couple of months of delay can mean big savings.

Shop around

There’s no need to go with the first crane hire company you find. Shop around and you may find you get a much better deal. If you’ve got a better price, don’t be afraid to tell a different supplier, as they may be willing to price match or offer you more for your money.

While you may think that crane hire is something fixed and non-negotiable, there are ways you can cut the costs. It’s all about being savvy and shopping around, seeing what discounts you can negotiate. Whether you need a crane for a day or the long term, there are often ways to bring the cost down and make things more reasonable, and if you work with a company for a big project, you can often save even more. Simply do some ringing around and see what’s on offer near to you.