If you are working on a car building project, the radiator will be one of the main pieces you need to get just right to ensure the car runs at maximum potential, and to give the vehicle a great look under the hood. Savvy car builders will always buy the best aluminum radiators for cars over other metals. Here is everything you need to know about the aluminum car radiator so that you make an educated decision on your next build.

Aluminum Car Radiators Cool Better than Copper and Brass Radiators

It’s true; aluminum car radiators cool better than copper or brass models. An aluminum car radiator with double rows of one inch tubes mirrors a copper brass radiator with five rows of half inch tubes. The main reason why aluminum cools better is that it is very lightweight and thinner, so therefore it has less mass to cool down.

Aluminum Radiators for Cars Last Longer than Copper Brass Models

Aluminum car radiators last longer than copper brass radiators because there is far less corrosion and heat transferring issues that can cause the material to crack. If properly cared for a single aluminum radiator can last for 10 years before it needs to be replaced. Aluminum car radiators also last longer in geographic locations that have higher moisture, as brass copper can easily rust when exposed to moisture at any level.

Comparing Aluminum Car Radiators

There are many manufacturers out there that make aluminum car radiators. Be sure to find a true manufacturer. Some auto part companies buy components and assemble the radiators on their premises. In fact, the majority do this. Such a method is not ideal because it cuts the corner on quality and increases the gap for human error and deficiencies. For example, Champion Radiators is a true manufacturer that controls every step of the manufacturing process with strict quality control measures put in place. When building a high-performance vehicle, you don’t want an aluminum car radiator that’s off the shelf but instead one that’s been carefully designed with a purpose. The same is said even if you are replacing the radiator in your BMW or Honda.

Does Switching Car Radiators Impact Overall Temperature?

The car radiator is the piece that allows a decrease in temperature degrees, and it also plays a role in cooling the temperatures associated with pulley ratios, the fuel, and many other components. When you switch to an aluminum car radiator from a copper brass one, you will experience significant cooling and lower temperature standards. The exact temperature, however, will be predicated on other components and how they are built.

Can I Modify My Radiator?

When you have the best aluminum car radiator, like one from Champion Radiators, you can make modifications but it is ideal to keep them basic and minor. Of course modification needs will be specific to the project and builder needs. A lot of car builders will put a screw through the sideband, and this is fine. Just make sure it is strong enough to support the weight of the radiator and with aluminum being lightweight, this won’t be difficult, and more importantly make sure the screw doesn’t puncture a tube. Also, make sure there is enough space between the radiator and surrounding parts ensuring there is no direct contact. When parts touch rubbing can occur and, due to vibration, damage can occur and puncture the walls causing fluids to leak.

Be sure to invest in the best aluminum car radiators, and follow the best practice build tips, and you are destined to have a clean ride that runs like a dream.