In 2020, the RAM 3500 has come with new features which might make you to consider it. If you want to get a new RAM truck for sale, you must know what is new. It is a RAM offering a few other safety technologies, with blind-spot monitoring being the main highlight. It is a night edition which is excellent that has arrived and which you have to try it out.

The reasons why you need to go for the 2020 rAM 3500 includes:

The base powertrain that is underrated

It might be because of the diesel engine; the standard powertrain of the RAM 3500 is one that you need to consider. It is one that is ideal for buyers who want to save on maintenance. The hood has a 6.4 liters V8 HEMI engine. It is one that is rated by the RAM to push out about 410 horsepower. An eight-speed automatic transmission is what makes all the power to be available. When it is utilized, the RAM 3500 hemi power can haul up to about 7680 pounds payload.

The diesel engine that is mightlyCummings

For some good reason, the RAM 3500 has cumming diesel engine with a broad base of fans. It is known to be among the best engines in the industry of trucks. At the same time, its standard truck version tends to be strong in its rights. RAM tunes a performance that has a high output to developing spectacular 1000 pound-feet torque. It is an amount of torque that allows the RAM 3500 to pull loads with such ease. Drivers can tow up to about 15000 pounds—a heavy automatic duty transmission that comes standard.

An Auto level rear air suspension

One of the main features that help set the 2020 RAM 3500 apart is the rear air suspension. If you are a truck enthusiast, you will not find this cutting edge suspension on any Ford or Chevy models.

It adjusts automatically to the specifications of the driver hauling and towing needs. When you happen to be moving a lot of weights, it is the air suspension designed to enhance the truck’s stability. The drivers are free to adjust the ride height by just touching a button. The peace of mind might be worth the trouble.

Dynamics of smooth driving

Before you get behind the 2020 RAM 3500 wheel, you might be intimidated by its size. But the RAM 3500 is not a clumsy car. An available steering wheel is very adaptive, making it a truck that is very easy to drive.

When you travel on the highway as a driver, you will not have any trouble making fast maneuvers. The quality of the ride is not bad for a heavy-duty pickup. Cruising on the highway in the 2020 RAM 3500 might just be enjoyable. Its suspension tends to counteract the rough vibrations that comes from the pavement.

Comfortable and big vehicle

There is a perfect amount of room for the passengers in the 2020 RAM 3500 and especially true for the body style of Mega Cab.